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Solar Motion Sensor Light

20LED Solar Motion Sensor Light

Characteristic Parameters:

Solarpanel :5.5v 150mA Polysilicon

LED :20 PCS super bright LED

Lumen: 220 LM

Material :ABS

Battery :1×18650 3.7V 2200mah

Net weight :250g

Lighting mode : High Light-Dim Light-PIR sensor

Sensor delay time :25-30s

Sensor : 120°detection range.

Distance :5-8m at optimal height.

Product Description:


SUNLITOPTO Solar-n-Motion LED is a new generation of solar & battery powered LED lighting products, harnessing the power of the sun. SUNLITOPTO Solar-n-Motion LED delivers a clean renewable alternative to your motion orientated indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

With 3 modes of operation; 1) Sensor. 2) Ambient + Sensor. 3) Ambient Only. Your product is designed to work in a variety of conditions.



1. Choose the preferred lighting mode before installation via the 3 mode switch located at the rear of the unit.

2. Fix the unit upright on a flat surface where best suited to your needs, using the screws provided in the box.

3. Distance between screw holes provided on the unit is 8.5cm.

4. Suggested mounting height of 1.8m – 2.2m.

Lighting Modes:

1. Sensor mode.

A basic light-off option that switches to full brightness on motion detection and back to light-off position after ~ 30 seconds.

2. Ambient + Sensor mode.

A mode which remains dimly lit during the evening or in low light conditions that switches to full brightness on motion detection and back to Ambient mode after ~ 30 seconds.

3. Ambient Only mode.

A non-motion sensing mode that provides a constant dim light, switching off only once the battery is drained or under bright lighting conditions like daylight etc.

(NOTE: This product is designed to automatically switch off in daylight situations and will automatically work again once low light levels are detected. Fully covering the solar panel area will result in a forced-on operation. Please be mindful of this scenario during installation to ensure best charge levels are available during normal operation).



This is a solar energy product incorporating a 2200mAh battery, powering low power-high performance LED's. Please consider best placement during installation where consistent direct sunlight is available when charging. The product uses a rechargeable lithium battery. Do not remove or replace. Do not expose of the battery with the general garbage or place in fire. Exact lighting time will depend on sunshine duration and weather. For best results, it is recommended to allow a full 6-8 hour charge in direct sunlight before first use.


SUNLITOPTO Solar-n-Motion LED can be used as a security light and/ or timed guide light in a number of different locations like: Driveway, Pathway, Garden and Deck etc. Suitable for Outdoor use.

- Can be used indoors, but will require direct sunlight to recharge the battery.


Model:20LED Solar Motion Sensor Light